Letters to the Editor

Post office mandate

This letter is in response to Donald Hanny's letter (July 20) in which he is "irked by ads" from the Postal Workers Union. The reason that the post office is broke is not because of overpaid postal workers or retired postal workers drawing excessive pensions. The reason is in 2006 a Republican House of Representatives passed the Pension Protection Act, which was then passed by a Republican Senate and ultimately signed by a Republican president. It forced all pension plans in this country to pre-fund their plans 75 years in advance regardless of their current fiscal condition. This rule changing by Congress in the middle of the game is the equivalent of a bank forcing a homeowner to pay off a 30-year mortgage in five years and has nothing to do with protecting workers' pensions as the title suggests but has everything to do with destroying unions.

Mr. Hanny suggests that "it's time we were honest with employees and the public and recognize the required funding necessary to meet contractual commitments." I couldn't agree more and whether or not Mr. Hanny chooses to believe it, that is the exact point of the very ads he is so irked by.

FRED RUMSEY, Kennewick