Letters to the Editor

Rebuilding America

As I watched Obama preach about rebuilding America and creating jobs I learned that many of the projects are being awarded to Chinese contractors because their labor is cheaper and America cannot provide the required number of craftsmen to man the jobs. This my friends is nothing less than a good ole political lie!

As reported by Dianne Sawyer (ABC News) here are just a few of the projects: California, $7.2 billion bridge; Alaska, $190 million bridge and New York: a $400 million dollar bridge repair. These are just a few to mention and who knows what else goes on.

They say this is mostly due to lack of welders and fabricators in the USA and the fact that Chinese labor is so much cheaper. Well, like anything else, you get what you pay for. There is another federal law that that requires infrastructure projects in the states to be "American made" but I guess they can ignore this law as they do in all other requirements of law.

Yep, let us rebuild America! If you can't believe this, I have the video you can watch and then make up your own mind. Fair enough?