Letters to the Editor

Preconceived notions

Most of us have preconceived racial, sexual, religious or social prejudices determined by our upbringing, and we want to believe everything that is in accord with these prejudices. We tend to oppose anything that does not support our preconceived biases.

When Fox News and others intimated that global warming was a hoax, or that President Obama may be an illegal alien, or that he would take away everyone's guns and light bulbs, it may be that people believed these ridiculous claims simply because they wanted to -- due to preconceived prejudices.

One cannot blame people for their prejudices. However, all of us should continuously question our beliefs in an attempt to judge if they are rational and based on evidence, or if they are based strictly on authority, which is certainly questionable. We should also be skeptical of everything we read and hear, and try to determine if selected facts are being presented rather than all the relevant data, as science demands. It's easy to tell if you are being duped: There are always two sides to any issue, and if both sides are not there, you can be sure that deceit is.

Gary F. Boothe, Pasco