Letters to the Editor

Decisions, decisions

For weeks I have ruminated on whom to vote for. Recently I heard a speech by President Obama which led me to the right decision. He said if we wanted to continue the policies which we experienced the last 10 years then we should vote for Mr. Romney. After reviewing the last 10 years I concluded that most of the time we had approx. 4.5 percent unemployment. Our federal debt was high but $5 trillion less than now. We had gone through a terrible ordeal after 9/11 but our nation and our airways have been safe from further terrorist attacks. We had waged two wars which liberated millions from tyranny and Islamic extremism. Our taxes were low and we had a vibrant economy. We had a president who praised rather than denigrated our great nation.

In 2008, the Democrats took control of Congress and things started to sour. Their ill-advised push to extend housing to everyone although some couldn't afford it was an underlying factor in the shady lending practices and the housing "boom and bust" which led to the present recession. So thank you Mr. President. I will take your advice and vote for Mr. Romney.