Letters to the Editor

For the record

While I appreciate the Herald allowing us prisoner/participants to speak regarding the newly implemented Evidence Based Corrections program at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, I am writing to clarify several misstatements in the June 22 story.

Our initial resistance was not because we were not willing to participate in a program to increase our chance of staying out once released from prison, the majority of us were upset at being uprooted from our minimum custody assignments on the relaxed minimum custody side of the prison complex.

Two main privileges we lost are the ability to utilize the dayrooms and showers after the 9 p.m. count, and the use of the 20x20 foot outside patios where we could exercise, enjoy a cup of coffee, or watch the sunset.

Most of us are minimum custody, not medium as reported (me since 2004). Also, many of us are assessed at a "moderate" risk to reoffend, not a "high risk" as reported.

I appreciate the reporter for using my "lassoed" comment. Had we not complied with the demotion and move to D-Unit, we would have been "corralled" in solitary confinement.

I look forward to paying off my "debt to society," completing my community supervision and returning home to Far West Texas.

CLARENCE FAULKNER, aka Jay de Brazos, Coyote Ridge