Letters to the Editor

Bad neighbors

As a resident of southern West Richland, I am dismayed and inconvenienced daily, at the lack of responsible management of growth and development by the city of Richland of the Duportail-Queensgate commercial area in south Richland.

The city plans growth and necessary supporting traffic infrastructure needs, by utilizing the Richland Comprehensive Integrated Land Use Plan. The plan notes that this area provides one of just two convenient accesses into West Richland from the Tri-Cities and without key arterial traffic improvements in place to support identified growth, traffic congestion is inevitable. Yet, in spite of plan requirements, Richland continues permitting growth in the area. As a result, the area is now plagued by significant traffic congestion on weekends and rush hours, compounded by additional traffic from three large retail stores, a Golds Gym, a large apartment complex, seven restaurants plus 18 small retail stores. Unfortunately, the city continues to actively permit more growth with a movie theater, a tire store and additional apartment units!

The public needs to question if these actions are responsible managed development as promised by the plan, given the necessary key arterials such as the Duportail Bridge, enlarging the Queensgate I-182 overpass has yet to be built and the phased Keene I-182 overpass is not finished.

Thanks, Richland, for disciplined and responsible growth management as dictated by your Integrated Comprehensive Land Use Plan. We, who live nearby and those who frequent the area, look forward to more traffic congestion and safety issues as the development continues!

BOB LOBER, West Richland