Letters to the Editor

Policy shameful

I am disgusted the Boy Scouts of America have further enshrined their discriminatory policy of denying membership to gay children. It is a fundamentally unenforceable policy. What is/who is a gay child? They should be required to set standards so parents can know how to judge if their child is "moral" enough to join. Gay is harder to define than you think. Do you want scout leaders interviewing your children about their sexual interests and activity? That they don't care to ask demonstrates the capriciousness of this policy.

This Boy Scout policy is harmful to the larger community as it legitimizes bigotry, giving comfort to gay bashers. It traumatizes all our LGBT children by heaping on them undeserved shame. This shame contributes to much higher suicide rates. Discrimination is counter to the old-time values of Scouting, which include "to help other people at all times" and to keep "morally straight."

Being gay doesn't make one immoral any more than being of a different race does. I find this discrimination immoral. I was encouraged to see gubernatorial candidate McKenna promoting the reversal of this misguided policy. You would expect that from a better man like Inslee, but from a Republican candidate, it was a surprise.

IVAR HUSA, Richland