Letters to the Editor

Vista Field

It's interesting that Selah, a small Eastern Washington community, has jumped at the chance for publicity about their town by gladly putting up $25,000 in "scheduling fees" to be on a nationally shown TV program. Yet, the Port of Kennewick spurned the opportunity for the Classic Air Race by not spending the same amount in capital improvement funds already approved in the master plan for Vista Field.

The Air Race, once dubbed by Will Rodgers as the "Powder Puff Derby," is a national event. It would have drawn more than 150 women pilots, their families and friends from across the nation to Kennewick.

I'm sure that the organizers have information on how many people would have come to town to rent hotel rooms, eat in our local restaurants, tour our wineries, etc., to witness the event. This, too, would have provided national publicity for Kennewick. Now those dollars will go to Pasco.

It appears to me that the staff of the Port of Kennewick and its board of directors have already made up their minds to close Vista Field. Strange that this is their reaction since not too many years ago some Kennewick City Council members lost their seats, perhaps in part, for their support of Vita Field's closure.

What's really going on?