Letters to the Editor

Bike unfriendly

When gas prices are this high, I think anyone with sound judgement can say that riding a bike to work is a good idea to save some money. But in Kennewick, it is impossible to do so.

I live just about as far south on Vancouver Street as you can go, and I work on Clearwater Avenue. This is not that long of a ride, maybe a few miles, but because of construction on roads, I am unable to ride this simple route.

I understand roads have to be maintained, but we "maintain" our roads is by putting down rocks and letting cars crush them down. There are rocks in the "bike lane" on every side street, and every main road in town is being "paved." There is not a single route one might bike in all of south Kennewick without getting a flat. I know, I've had my fair share.

The sidewalks are covered with rocks and walking on them is hazardous because of flying rocks every time a car passes by.

The city is doing the least it can to "fix" as many roads as possible and forcing people to stay in their cars rather than save money and walk or bike.

It seems like the final goal is to have nothing but cars throughout the city.

Nolan Frantti, Kennewick