Letters to the Editor

Letter Best: Patriotism explained

Thanks to Bobby McDaniel (Fast Focus, July 14) for reminding us that "patriotism is more than ... displaying a flag and shooting fireworks." At best, these are "cheap" forms of patriotism.

Patriotism consists of more than fireworks or owning a flag, more than listening to Rush or having FOX News on the TV whenever you are home.

It involves paying taxes, serving on a jury or the military, voicing a dissenting view and viewing other dissenting views as more than just "evil."

It involves being an informed citizen by reading, listening and considering different views, then sometimes "God forbid!" agreeing to compromise or cooperate.

To borrow a phrase from Admiral David Farragut, who might say, "Damn the party platforms!"

We, the people, are responsible for our government, not those we elected.

We are the guardians and caretakers of our -- and our children's -- future.

A good parent never says, "My child can do no wrong," but is ever watchful and promptly corrects bad behavior.

We cannot be oblivious to our charges -- children or government -- while they wander out into the street, jump into water over their heads or engage in illicit campaign funding.

By being so diligent, we become "patriotic" citizens.

D.L. (Andy) Anderson, Richland