Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: Rights belong to individuals

In a July 18 letter to the editor, "Self-evident truths," the writer starts by quoting from the Declaration of Independence, and then shifts to a rambling discourse on our Constitution -- with an obvious lack of knowledge concerning individual rights and the Constitution.

The Constitution defines the rights of citizens to take action in securing their personal lives in a framework of mutual liberty. It does not define a class of moochers having the "right" to take the product of other citizens.

There are no "gay rights," women's rights" or any other group "rights." There are only individual rights. Group "rights" are special privileges granted to groups for political reasons.

The Constitution grants the federal government certain powers, primarily to insure that individual rights are not abridged. Other than those defined powers, the individual states act (as a model of the federal government) to represent the more local concerns of citizens.

The writer seems to address the Democratic party as supporting a form of modern slavery -- in a positive context. To address the clueless slave-owner mentality, there can be no "right" to human-created products such as education, food, housing, health care or jobs. The corollary of such "rights" is to force someone to create these products to satisfy the "rights" of those who don't have them.