Letters to the Editor

Feeling sorry

I am sorry for youth to have to read in the newspaper that pets are people too. I am sorry for children who don't know if their father is a male or their mother is a female. I am sorry that our criminals get better education. As parents, we need to have control and respect of ourselves and our children.

I am sorry for America's greed. Millions of dollars that could go for education, health care, etc., goes to months of deciding which rich man will be our president. We need to shorten that time. All that money spent on campaigns the companies could use to help their own workers.

Health insurances and hospital greed is a sin. We have earned our Social Security benefits.

I am sorry for the illegal children in America and the ones who are coming over today by the millions. Their fathers' sins have broken the law. Tell them in Spanish, that there's not any more law that their illegal babies can be president or citizens. There are no more free benefits.

America is broke. We owe China. Let the election money go to pay that back.

For America is a nation that has lost God's love, we need to repent and pray, so history does not repeat. Read it.

Pat Wallace, Kennewick