Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: Glaring abuses

Yes, when the president acts like a dictator by instituting the DREAM Act, circumventing Congress and the Constitution, to keep illegal aliens in this country. Yes, when Obamacare can access my bank accounts, without my knowledge or consent, and make electronic transfers from them. Yes, when Obamacare can ration cancer treatment according to age. Yes, when Obamacare requires an end-of-life planning for all on Social Security. Yes, when Obamacare will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order, which sounds like euthanasia to me. Yes, when these abuses to Social Security recipients do not apply to Congress. These are just some of the most recent and glaring abuses to the right to privacy and freedom that I can think of. There are many more.

-- Jim Young, Richland