Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: Drastic change needed

Privacy has about disappeared! Should government really have the right to spy on you while you're walking the streets or driving down the highway? Should they be able to check the local library to discover what books you have been reading? Should they be able to spy on you via the internet to see what websites you look at? Should the president be able to take over the Internet as it appears he now has the power to do?

Business spies on your shopping via the internet. Phone companies record your location at each call you make. Automobiles record your speed and braking in the event of an accident.

And space won't allow for the numerous ways this administration is amassing information to be used in silencing those who oppose them, their policies, or re-election.

America is in a dangerous state. If this coming election doesn't drastically change the make up of Congress and the presidency, then there's no hope for the future of America.

-- John Faulkner, Richland