Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: One of many problems

I fear the unleashed pen of Obama in a second term, ripping our right to privacy away in a fit of anger if we say or do something that ticks him off. It took several months of unpresidential actions for me to regret my vote for Obama. The one that shocked me out of my glow for the first family was the tattletale line at the White House asking us to report our neighbors that were against the health care bill. Since then we have seen a whole line of actions from the 13-year-old spoiled teenage boy who runs the country. One of the latest was going into a snit when the Supreme Court upheld the main part of Arizona's immigration law and severing cooperation between ICE and the state's police force that same day.

An unfettered Obama in a second term, not concerned with public opinion, is mind-numbing at the possibilities, our right to privacy being only one of many concerns.

-- Christine Hayes, West Richland