Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: Congressional problem

I believe the right to privacy is extinct. I will illustrate this by having you go the ACLU website and view their map labeled "Constitution-free zone." This is a 100-mile wide strip of land inland from all U.S borders. The federal government has decided that we, the American citizens, no longer need the constitutional protections in these areas.

Recently, Phillip Drew announced that his agency will commence enforcing the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" on Sept. 30, 2012. This act requires all credit reporting agencies submit to the federal government everyone's current and past credit history.

Lastly, have you ever gone through a TSA check at the Pasco Airport while wearing replacement knees, hips or other surgically implanted apparatuses?

All the people who have perpetuated these attacks on our rights, with the exception of one, will be expecting us to vote for them again on Nov. 6 sending them back to Congress. The exception? Well, he thinks he can do a better job "on us" as our governor.

Why should we be so stupid as to accommodate them?

-- DAVID STEARNS, Plymouth