Letters to the Editor

Left-wing drivel

The first sentence of Rep. Adam Smith's recent Voices piece set the tone for an entire opinion full of left-wing drivel!

President Obama has flown worldwide apologizing for America. (Where do these countries run when they need something?) True we've had great success in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Africa, etc. Syria is an especially fine example of brilliant foreign leadership!

Smith attacks John Bolton. I'm thankful he stood tall against a U.N. takeover of America's sovereignty, including takeover of guns (guaranteed by our Constitution and the Supreme Court.)

That brings us to Obama's efforts to destroy our free enterprise system, including takeover of our health care, and the debacle of Fast and Furious, where nobody -- not Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Department of Justice, the administration or the Border Patrol -- knows a thing! Result: thousands of missing guns and a dead Border Patrol agent.

Obama has been a total disaster. And he and those who subscribe to his ideology are ruining this great country! No wonder we are dangerously close to losing our liberty and freedom.