Letters to the Editor

Presidential power

After reading Karl Hadley's letter on July 8, it made me realize it is one thing to dislike the president but another thing to make blatant statements without factual basis. Hadley states we live in a dictatorship. I would suggest he look up the definition and substantiate this claim.

Obviously, Hadley does not approve of the Health Care Reform Act. The fact is everyone needs and should have health care, and everyone should contribute to it unless his or her employer chooses to pay for it.

Last time I checked, car insurance was mandatory. I suggest having private business and government go head to head to administer it to see who offers the best coverage for the best price. Most European countries, Canada and Australia have health care plans -- there must be a reason. Hadley states "Supreme Ruler Obama has successfully overthrown yet another inalienable right -- religious liberty gone." He needs to clarify and substantiate. Can he not practice the faith of his choice? "Pursuit of Happiness" -- does this mean because he disagrees with the president he can not be happy? "Right to bear arms" -- has he had to give up his firearms? "Property rights gone" -- what does that mean?

It's the radical right that hold these misleading perceptions and lack of information that concerns me.

Tony Schouviller, Pasco