Letters to the Editor

Irked by ads

Have you seen the American Postal Workers Union latest TV ads? Earlier, we were informed via their TV ads that the post office was totally self-sufficient and that all costs were being covered by postage fees, notwithstanding periodic government reports in the newspaper of annual multi-billion dollar deficits in the postal service budget. The ads were incredulous.

The new ads continue to admonish us not to permit Congress to consolidate facilities and/or reduce postal services to reduce costs because of the multi-billion dollar shortfalls the Union now acknowledges are not current operating expenditures but funding provisions to meet accruing future retiree benefits.

Imagine, an organization setting aside funds to pay for retiree benefits. Perhaps the union executives are unaware of what happened in San Bernardino, Calif., and Greece, where generous unfunded public service union benefits bankrupted the respective governments.

It's time we were honest with employees and the public and recognize the required funding necessary to meet contractual commitments. Deceptive ads do not help in making the difficult decisions concerning fiscal prudence and levels of service.

Donald Hanny, Kennewick