Letters to the Editor

Kudos to Kadlec

One recent morning, my husband, Mark, and I sat drinking our morning coffee and talking about the Herald's front page piece on Kadlec Hospital having earned the distinction of being the safest hospital in Washington.

Little did we know that within two hours we would get an unwanted chance to see firsthand Kadlec's staff in action. What we initially thought was an attack of a chronic acid reflux condition seemed a little different. Then a lot different. Off we go to Kadlec. (Yes, we should have called 911 and rest assured we have learned our lesson.)

We were immediately placed in an exam room, hooked up and swiftly told, "You're having a heart attack. There will be a lot of people and a lot of activity."

Oh my, were they right. Quite a team. So many people working so fast, but all involved knew their roles. A scary 90 minutes later, Mark and his two new stents were on their way to a quick recovery.

Our deepest thanks for the fast, furious and fine work of the Kadlec emergency room staff, Dr. Christopher Ravage and staff and the wonderful nurses in the cardiac care unit. Life was sweet before. Even sweeter now.

Peggy Hevland, Kennewick