Letters to the Editor

Angels save the day

I had three errands to run. My trouble started after dropping off the recycling. Whoops, my car wouldn't start. A gentleman drove up and I asked him if he would try and start it.

Sure, but there was no response from the car. He got my jumper cables out of my storage bin. He took the time to help me, for this I am very grateful.

I decided to make one more stop. After mailing some packages, I was having difficulty putting my walker back in the trunk (which needs some repair). With my hands full, I laid my keys down in the trunk, got the walker in, picked up everything but the keys and slammed the trunk.

Another gentleman appeared and asked if I needed help. He let me use his phone several times until I reached the dealership. Someone was there in 20 minutes and unlocked the car.

He rescued the keys through the back seat and checked to make sure the car would start.

Bless my four angels who made my day, and I made it to dinner on time. There are many lovely people in the Tri-Cities. (Especially since this woman is on oxygen 24/7).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Janis Burns, Richland