Letters to the Editor


Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The same definition can be applied to Keynesian economic theory. Our economy is based on speculation, driven by coercion. And when a bubble pops, we are faced with inflation. When inflation happens, those hurt the most are those with the least. Even worse, what happens to our dollar when nobody is buying? Are you feeling insane yet?

Many economists predicted the current recession. But few seem to be willing to state the obvious: Economic sanity is best gained by reaction to commerce rather than compulsion. Unfortunately, that requires liberty.

For a Kenesysian, the obvious flaw of a reactionary system of economics is a lack of central control. And to that, I ask you, "How's that working out for you so far?" Do you believe the federal government has any business telling you how to spend your dollars? FYI, they think they do. And you voted for that. Are you feeling sane yet?

Jeremy Owen, Pasco