Letters to the Editor

Teachers not appreciated

There are many words to describe a teacher — well paid and appreciated are not them!

How is it that teachers are considered professionals and yet their (already) nonprofessional wage continues to be reduced and their opinion on educational matters is discounted? The “state Legislature just repurposed the $208 million Federal Educator Jobs Funds,” which has already been portioned out to the school districts and will now be deducted from “future basic education allocation payments,” and they are not done yet!

To add insult to injury, the Benton City School Board increased the superintendent’s salary to help pay for increased health insurance premiums. Meanwhile, teachers have not seen a pay raise in at least six years or a cost of living adjustment in two years, and have seen their out-of-pocket health care premiums increase by more than 300 percent since 2007.

I take home less now than in 2007. Teachers definitely are not appreciated! How can we expect to continue attracting good teachers when we treat them poorly?

Ronald Harris, Richland