Letters to the Editor

Benton auditor: Wagner

Why would we replace a county assessor who is already doing a good job? Barbara Wagner worked in the Benton County Assessor's office as an appraiser for 15 years before being elected for this top job. She has the experience, knowledge and good results of a county office showing perfect scores on uniformity of assessment. Go to votefor

barb.com and see the achievement page showing that only two counties in the state have excellent rating for the last six years in a row.

Barbara put in her 15 years as a county appraiser and now is giving back to us her knowledge and leadership to an office of 25 employees. This is a very important office and we don't need to replace her with a person that will need on-the-job training.

Please join me in re-electing Barbara Wagner.

Judy Moore, Kennewick