Letters to the Editor

Compensate for rudeness

Goodwill, respect, manners and courtesy all have different etymological roots but all have the same basic sociological implications. This is found in the scripture: "Peace on earth to men of goodwill." Erene en eudoxias. Whatever relation to goodwill the word eudoxias has, all contribute to its meaning. The implications of eudoxias or goodwill contain many subordinate meanings.

Most students and most people are well mannered, but for those who are not, they ought to know that they are a burden on society and their teachers, and if the education system has to put up with rudeness and disobedience and ill manners from some, their teachers should receive double salaries. In fact, all society should receive double payment, double tax exemption for putting up with them: a wonderful idea for a nebulous thought. Wise guy students learn little anyway, and unneighborly neighbors are a burden to society. Double salaries or double tax exemption, what a wonderful thought: Eudoxias.

D.P. Dillon, Kennewick