Letters to the Editor

Letters: Nov. 8, 2019

Bicyclist notes GW Way hazard

On George Washington Way, between Spengler and McMurray, is a new bike lane. At those narrowing intersections, the bike lanes end. Not sure what a bike rider is supposed to do then; it looks dangerous. I guess they get on the sidewalk. But, at Spengler there’s a huge mailbox on the sidewalk which could be a hazard. I myself would never ride my bike on GW Way. It’s scary enough with the students texting while driving, Hanford traffic and all the senior citizens in North Richland. It’s so much safer on the nice bike path in Leslie Groves Park.

Anyway, I thought I’d vent and point out this precarious situation to fellow bike riders.

Tracy Kim, Richland

New Roasters at wrong location

Mr. Don Taylor of Kennewick is so right in this case. The powers of Kennewick who pulled this off filled their pockets and moved on. When someone gets hit or killed on this site, the public will stop drinking coffee and close this mess.

Cary Moon, Kennewick

Drug epidemic, not opiate epidemic

As a recovering addict, I’m sad about what’s happening to my fellow addicts. Here’s a newsflash: We don’t have an opiate epidemic, we have a drug epidemic! Addicts die every day and no one cares. Lately, kids of prominent families die and it’s a big deal. What about the other addicts? I don’t see their families in the news. There is no cure for addiction, but it can be managed. Through abstinence, therapy and support groups, addicts can live a clean life. The truth is if an addict doesn’t want to stop using, there’s nothing anyone can do for them and that’s sad.

Monique Perez, Prescott

Thanks due for helping homeless

Griggs Ace Hardware and United Way of Benton/Franklin Counties – Thank You!

Homelessness isn’t always due to making poor choices in life. The homeless can be people with medical or physical challenges that prevent them from working full time and may not have a family support system. Some are able to “couch surf.” Others find a place somewhere they can find protection from the weather. Not all can stay at the Mission where they receive other help and have a better chance to get back on their feet.

Through a generous United Way grant and a caring management at Griggs Ace Hardware in Pasco that sold items at great discounts, we, at St. Vincent de Paul – St. Patrick Conference were able to purchase/distribute products protecting them from the weather. Our volunteers also distributed hygiene kits, clothing and special foods to those without a permanent place to call home. We have a caring community where citizens show love and give hope to those with less than enough to feel safe and secure. Thank you United Way and Griggs Ace Hardware for caring about the most vulnerable in our community!

Linda Hermann - SVdP – St. Patrick Conference