Letters to the Editor

Letters: July 7, 2019

Trump ‘haters’ spouting drivel

As I read the "Letters To The Editor" in the Tri-City Herald every day I wonder how anyone could believe the drivel that is espoused by "Trump Haters" with “Trump Derangement Syndrome."

They state no facts, just progressive leftest poli-drivel. Do any of these people think that our democracy is actually at risk under Trump?

It is obvious that the Democrats could/would not ever let that happen even if there were an ounce of truth to it, and there are too many safeguards for it to ever happen in our society. Although socialism, if implemented by the loonies on the left, might just accomplish the destruction of our society as we know it! Just look at what they are doing now just because Trump was elected, elected by the people, in case you are wondering. Those with the entire left-leaning opinions are wrong and I give them the right to think as they do, but, please, to coin an old TV phrase, "the facts, just the facts, please." And, remember, speculation is not facts!

Earl Martin, Kennewick

Ask Congress for renter tax credit

Encourage your representatives and senators to support a “Renter’s tax Credit.” We have a housing crisis in the United States. Low-income people must rent houses or apartments to provide places for themselves and their families to live. Since 1960, renters’ median income has increased 5 percent, while the cost of rent has risen 61 percent. Therefore, many low income renters are required to use 50-80 per cent of their income on housing costs. There are few funding programs available for rent assistance for low-income renters. Also, inadequate housing and livelihood puts millions of people at risk of living in an environment vulnerable to crime and drug problems.

Congress should establish a “Renters Tax Credit” or similar program, that would help low-income people meet their rental obligations. For years, homeowners have been able to deduct mortgage interest as a tax break. Why shouldn’t our income tax laws also help provide for the most needy? To assure that everyone has a place to live is a moral obligation in our modern society.

Please ask your member of Congress to support legislation that would provide much-needed help for low/income renters.

Amadee Marx, Richland

Vintage aircraft put on great show

I enjoyed hearing and seeing the vintage planes flying over us this past weekend. Now, those are airplanes! And the men and women who flew them were heroic pioneers. Hurrah to the unsung WASPs!

Patricia Cleavenger, Richland

After conception, it’s not your body

It seems to me people think animals come first before humans. I hear animals can’t speak for themselves; well neither can babies. They say it’s my body, that’s only until you become pregnant, then it becomes ours. You’re not doing anything to your body, it’s the baby’s body you’re destroying. I thought Planned Parenthood was first started to help low-income people with their medical problems and ways to plan a family. When did it become an abortion clinic? There’s a lot of ways to prevent before abortion. People still like to adopt.

Doreen Blackburn, Kennewick

TMI killed trust in nuclear power

HBO recently broadcast a dramatization of the April 26, 1986, Chernobyl accident. At the time, the highest severity nuclear accident in history, a 7 on the International Event Scale.

I was working at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) when the Chernobyl accident occurred. I was part of a team conducting a human factors assessment of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, which occurred in 1979.

Like Chernobyl, the TMI accident was caused by a combination of factors, chief among them faulty reactor and control room design, human error and a deficient safety culture. Unlike Chernobyl, no one was killed as a direct result of TMI.

Perhaps the biggest casualty of TMI was the public’s trust in nuclear power. After TMI, no new U.S. nuclear power plants were approved for construction for 3 decades. The U.S. turned to increased use of coal and natural gas, adding tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Today, atmospheric CO2 is higher than at any time in the history of human existence. Continuing to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere will transform the Earth into a “hothouse” planet that will make many parts of the globe completely uninhabitable.

Our future is written.

Richard Badalamente, Kennewick

Border camps not our America

Granted that migrant children come into this country fleeing conditions that may be worse than anything they experience in the U.S.

Granted that many U.S.-born children experience horrifying conditions in some of our decaying inner cities and areas of rural isolation and poverty.

Granted that situations are often manipulated and exaggerated to make political points.

Granted all of that, the credible reports by independent observers of infants, toddlers and young children living in conditions of filth and neglect under the supervision and sponsorship of our government in migrant holding camps should disgust and sicken us all.

Please contact Rep. Newhouse, Sens. Cantwell and Murray and tell them that we did not elect them to stand silent while a moral/ethical violation of this magnitude occurs. These are the practices of countries operating without any kind of moral foundations and NOT the America for which we stand.

Sara Flaten, Richland