Letters to the Editor

Letters: May 17, 2019

Did letter writer read the report?

In response to Karl Hadley’s letter of April 28: It is amazing how you are able to disregard all evidence brought forward in the Mueller report and completely embrace the four-page summary by Barr and words of the president.

Did you even read the report? If you did, your comprehension skills are nonexistent. Just the fact that there were over 250 contacts with the campaign and Russia shows intent; the fact that not one person contacted the FBI to report contacts, shows intent. This shows the willingness to conspire, they are just truly to stupid to make it happen.

On obstruction by the president, nearly a dozen separate moves made by Trump to stop this investigation. Maybe each alone would not stand, but collectively, no question. Over 500 prosecutors have come out and said that this is a slam dunk of obstruction.

Trump’s actions are much worse than Nixon. He resigned before impeachment, this was the honorable thing Nixon did, he did not put the country through the process of impeachment. Trump is not an honorable man, he would never put the country first, he isn’t finished increasing his personal wealth off the American people.

Cheryl Sanders, Kennewick

Hermiston ready for your business

I read with interest your Sunday editorial regarding the Oregon sales tax exemption probably going away. We moved to Eastern Oregon in 1985 from a larger city in Western Oregon. Having access to familiar stores in the Tri-Cities was a good thing.

I got into the habit of shopping there and supported businesses like Basin Department Store, Kennewick Hardware, Fred Meyer and yes Costco. With the sales tax exemption probably going away, that will stop. You are so right to guess that we may jump to the internet. But we will also support our local retail markets more.

It happens that Ranch and Home has seen fit to open a new store in Hermiston (in addition to their existing store in Milton-Freewater) and we will certainly shop there and not pay the Tri-City 8.6 percent excise. I personally will step up our lobbying for larger stores to open outlets on our side of the river. Hermiston has passed the 18,000 population mark and with our outlying communities comprise a market exceeding 50,000…. Y’all come. We are investing in infrastructure here and are prepared for your business.

Chuck Barnes, Hermiston

Read RCWs, then decide on Inslee

In response to the May 3 letter by Mary Lynn Arter regarding the use of Washington State employees for security for Gov. Inslee’s presidential campaign trips, I ask that she, and any others who are concerned about this expenditure, read RCW 42.52.180.

This document clearly states: “No state officer or state employee may use or authorize the use of facilities of an agency, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of a person to an office ….”

As Inslee is clearly an employee, his actions are in violation of this RCW.

What is disappointing is that our attorney general, who is elected to enforce the laws of our State and thereby protect us, while continuing to pursue a Richland grandmother, appears to be turning a blind eye to this abuse.

Also, it appears that the Democrat-controlled Washington Legislature is following the AG’s lead in not stopping, as well as forcing reimbursement of funds spent to date.

The governor’s arrogant attitude, as well as illegal actions, especially as he continues to insist he is entitled to this, is truly disappointing.

Regarding President Trump’s re-election expenditures’ legality, you should contact our Democrat federal senators and ask them.

Michael S. Cochrane, Kennewick