Letters to the Editor

Letters: Feb. 12, 2019

My response to pro-life hypocrites

I’m calling Pro-Lifers hypocrites. The Bible doesn’t say anything about “abortion,” but “killing” is mentioned. Why support war, NRA, ownership of multi-magazine weapons, against the death penalty but support the rapist/child molester? Do you know these “fathers” have legal rights to the children saved by abortions? It’s okay because it’s all about saving the embryo?

Pro-Lifers only worry about the unborn. What about after birth? Conservatives are basically anti-lifers. You don’t want your taxes to fund single mothers living expenses, food vouchers, everything else. This includes your taxes paying for state insurance covering morning after pills, birth control supplies, Planned Parenthood, paid education and childcare for the mother and children’s health and dental.

Saving children that are hungry, homeless, sick, children at the borders locked in cages, children dying by bullets, bombs, diseases, hunger throughout the world.

Save the embryo in the womb so it can die in the classroom by another kid who brought his parents 50-plus magazine rifle to school to kill classmates.

Where are your signs supporting Mothers Against Guns? Why aren’t you fighting to ban sales of over 50 Magazine Ammunition Law? Or does your “care about life” stop when the child is born?

Bernie Sanderson, Hermiston

National anthem deserves respect

I hope you will print this. I think it is important. I am, and have been for 45 years, a Richland Bomber sports fan, but last night gave me a little heartburn. I attended the Richland-Central Valley basketball game, and for the first time this year, I was there early enough for the playing of the national anthem. Combined, there were 17 Richland players and coaches lined up for the anthem. Four players had their hand over their heart showing respect for our flag. Why only four? Tell me, where have we gone wrong?

John Funk, Richland

Thanks for all those good letters

I wish to thank the following for their letters to the editor: Sam H. Cronenwett, Kennewick for “Some impacts of dam breaching”, Rob Dupuy, Pasco for “Exposure rules based on big lie”, and John Aichele, Kennewick for “State L&I not so helpful to workers”.

Happy new year!

Nick Maximovich, Richland

Thoughts on news, how we view it

Some politicians are quick to accuse the communication media of producing fake news when news reports are not in agreement with their ideology, statements or blogs.

Many statements or blogs are written without regard to the truth to influence voters. Though they may be hyperbole, false, or “liar, liar, pants on fire,” generally, the author will not be punished for their contents. This includes not only domestic political statements or blogs, but the blogs sent by Putin’s henchmen to influence the last U.S. elections. That is why a person should not accept political statements or blogs without fact checking them through a reliable source.

Conversely, when a major news media company is identified as making a mistake in their reporting, they suffer immediate consequences involving their credibility, and people or organizations will immediately attack them the way a duck does a June bug. Because of this, the legitimate news media does not generally need the same amount of vetting political statements or blogs do.

Confusion occurs when major news media companies employ people who express their opinions of news events and some people confuse this with news reporting. Examples are Rev. Al Sharpton, Chris Mathews, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity.

Bill Petrie, Richland

Liberals embrace the wrong people

Liberals, first it was Obama that was your poster child, then David Hogg, then Ocasio-Cortez and now Nathan Phillips. You should be so proud. Obama was, at least, an eloquent speaker. Hogg, a misinformed teenager. Ocasio-Cortez just plain dumb. But now you have fallen to a new low. Nathan Phillips has become your snaggle-toothed messiah! He misconstrued his service to this country for your political gain. I believe it’s called stolen valor. He did serve but not heroically as implied or even with much dignity, it appears now. I still applaud his service.

His resume is long and not very distinguished. He is a habitual troublemaker and rabble-rouser who is trying to trade off of an esteemed Omaha People heritage at the expense of thousands and thousands of other upstanding Indigenous Americans. I don’t believe many of them are proud of him, and I wonder why most Democrats are. How can you malign a polite, young teenager accosted in public by a drum-beating lunatic and then spin the narrative to make it sound like the aggressor is the victim? By the way in his tribe Phillips is identified as the “Keeper of the Sacred Pipe.” Draw your own conclusions!

Bruce Stemp, Kennewick