Letters to the Editor

Letter: A militia of the people

First, the Second Amendment is defined in current federal code (Title 10; Section 311) with the militia divided into two separate but, more importantly, equal groups. The organized being the military, and the unorganized essentially being the rest of the citizenry. To ban so-called assault weapons would be in violation of “shall not be infringed,” since the AR or M16 rifle is what all (key word “all”) infantry/our organized militia train, certify, and fight with as their battle rifle.

People refer to their right to live in America. Tell that to Russians under Stalin or Marx, Chinese under Mao, or Cubans under Fidel. There are many recent governments doing so, as well. Approximately 60 million innocent men, women, and children have been murdered by their own governments based on their politics, their religion, or their skin color. Watch file footage of such atrocities. They are easily found. And they are historical fact, as are our founding documents and our Second Amendment.

I remember shooting teams were prevalent throughout America when I was in school. Back when schools educated us, versus indoctrinating today’s youth.

Gene Turner, Pasco