Letters to the Editor

Letter: Keep state competitive for filming movies

I want my friends, neighbors and community members to understand the importance of Washington state remaining a contender in the stiff competition of where to film a movie. The film bill in Olympia will ensure it does.

I’m a film producer. I’m fortunate to have made my career in Hollywood as well as maintaining my residency in Washington. I grew up in the Tri Cities and it’s been my dream to make great films in my home state.

The Washington Filmworks Incentive program draws film makers here by offering an incentive to offset a portion of the total amount it takes to make a movie. By doing so, we hire local crew members, actors, tradespeople and other aspiring students and individuals. We spend a lot of money locally. Hotels, vehicle and equipment rentals, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, fuel, etc, etc. Our costume designer and production designer shop at the local stores, many times finding that item that sets the scene just so. We may also rent that shop to film in.

And how much fun is it to see that local shop on the big screen? Priceless.

We need legislators to support the bill and keep film in Washington!

Tracy Thomas, Woodland