Letter: Find a compromise at Amon

Regarding the Tapteal Greenway issue, I come from a position of compromise. It seems to me, rather than digging heels in the ground and not budging from either side, there must be a way to solve this that would create a win for both sides. The adage, "don't bring me a problem without a solution," seems to me to be the salient point to all of this. It's not enough to object to an action, you've got to come up with a solution that both sides can live with. We need to work harder to find a solution that will bring success to both sides, even if it takes a little longer to resolve.

The proposed changes to the transportation routes illustrated in the city of Richland don't reflect community input. I would like to hear from the planners their vision of what these changes may bring, both good and bad. Planners are supposed to be insightful, thoughtful and involved with community members.

Let's not have the same situation we're experiencing today, where people are taken by surprise at a change that they were never involved in the process of planning and executing.