We're grateful for hobbies that enrich our community

Whether you're out on the water or relaxing at home in your garden, life is rich in the Mid-Columbia.

This week is Water Follies. Next month is the fair. Every week, there is somewhere to go and something to do.

And amazing people doing it. People such as Pam Bright.

Cowgirls raise cash

Many people who have looked a fatal disease in the eye -- closeup -- find it plants a desire in their heart to reach out to others.

It's a generous and healing gesture.

In our area it's common to see all kinds of fundraisers in the fight against, say, cancer. There are golf tournaments and yard sales and 5K races.

This is the first time, however, that we've seen cattle sorting.

But since organizer and two-time cancer survivor Bright is a cowgirl, it makes all the sense in the world.

We like that people personalize their efforts in the fight against whatever their battle is.

Cancer, Alzheimer's, birth defects and a variety of other terrible illnesses touch people of all ages with all interests.

So let's use some of those interests to push back just a little.

Passions and hobbies contribute to life's enjoyment; it's good to use them to continue life.

We can't mention all of them in this space, but we recognize and appreciate all the efforts on many fronts.

Backyard vineyard

John Williams is a good example of a man with a hobby. His hobby is taking up 5,000 square feet of his yard and many of his free hours.

No, we don't expect our readers to all plant a vineyard and bottle wine in their basement. But we do like the idea of a man with an interest that asked enough questions and did enough research to try something new in an informed way.

Too many times we don't try something because we don't know how to do it.

Ah, the lost opportunities.

Williams is the exception and he is the encouragement to each of us to spend some time with something you love or a reminder to try something new.

Ichiro traded to Yanks

And speaking of hobbies and passions, go Mariners!

Our "mojo" is a little unsettled at seeing Ichiro wearing a Yankee uniform especially at Safeco Field. It just looks so .... wrong?

But this is a Thankful Thursday column (not a Whining Wednesday or a Moaning Monday), so while we're melancholy by the trade, we're grateful for the past 12 years -- the hits, the runs, the titles, the fun.

We can't live in the past, whether it's baseball trades or financial reversals or lost loved ones. We can, however, and should, make the most of today. Be grateful for the good things in your life, big and small. Be grateful for the obstacles in your life as they make the good things that much better.