Library food drive

Voracious readers can devour a book in one sitting. Patrons of the Mid-Columbia Libraries should never have to hunger for something to read.

Unfortunately, there are those in the Mid-Columbia who hungry for something to eat, however.

We're happy to see that for the next six weeks the library is combining two of our favorite activities -- reading and eating -- in a way that combats hunger.

Anyone owing fines to the Mid-Columbia Libraries can pay up to $10 of the fee with canned food. If you don't have fines, congratulations but you can still donate food.

As a dessert, the libraries are presenting two food-related programs.

Author Fanae Aaron will share ideas on children's palates (aka picky eaters) and Liz Edmunds, star of the reality show The Food Nanny, will talk about family meals on a budget.

Readers donated 4,000 pounds of food last year. We predict even more this year.

Mid-Columbians are well read and notoriously generous.