Thanking and dunking in an excellent cause

Did you ever wish you could thank a policeman?

Did you ever wish you could dunk a policeman?

Did you ever want to help Special Olympics?

Have we got news for you.

Kennewick Police Sgt. Randy Maynard hates cold water.

He also is a good guy and a longtime supporter of Special Olympics. By chance or design, no one knows which, he has never actually participated in the Polar Bear Plunge that raises money for Special Olympics.

This year, he promises he will make the plunge into the icy Columbia River if he raises at least $5,000 in donations for Special Olympics.

The plunge is Jan. 22, so you know there will still be a decided lack of warmth in the river.

To donate to dunk the policeman while simultaneously thanking him for his truly dedicated service to the community in many, many ways, all in the name of Special Olympics, simply go to www.firstgiving. com/randymaynard.

You will make a lot of people happy if you do.