Another way to honor incredible Richland dog

We predict the Richland City Council won't have any trouble approving plans to erect a bronze statue of Bodie, the much-loved black lab mix.

The financing is already in place, largely through donations, and there's no question that the life of this remarkable dog is worth commemorating.

But Bodie's story raises another issue.

This dog who brought joy to countless Richland residents, was, to put it bluntly, a mutt.

As Herald reporter Kevin McCullen's recent article detailed, Bodie's mixed breeding didn't stop him from spreading cheer to hospital patients, children, employees and shoppers on The Parkway and customers of the Richland Farmers Market for years before his death in August.

There may never be another Bodie, but animal shelters in the Mid-Columbia are filled with mutts that could undoubtedly brighten your life.

If you're ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a canine companion, adopting a shelter animal is an excellent option.

A couple of websites -- www. petfinder.com and www.adopta pet.com -- are good places to start. Both will lead you to a directory of adoptable pets at nearby shelters.

A bronze statue is a great tribute to Bodie. Rescuing a fellow mutt could be an even better honor.