We can't all be Jimmy, but we can all be someone

By the Herald editorial staff

How many lives does one person touch? It's hard to know.

But for someone like Jimmy Butcher, it appears to be in the hundreds or more. And because of the ripple effect, maybe the number of lives indirectly affected is too high to even be counted.

Herald reporter Drew Foster used these words to describe the Tri-City Americans' biggest fan: sentimental, compassionate, hardworking, committed and inspiring. What a nice set of adjectives! Who could ask for finer attributes?

Hard-core hockey fans probably already know Jimmy, if not by sight then certainly by sound. He's been a regular attendee since about, oh, forever. And he is one loud guy. (A desirable trait at a hockey game.)

For the rest of us, however -- those who didn't know Jimmy -- it was impossible to read his story without wondering what five words others would use to describe us.

Kind? Strong? Teachable? Dependable? Generous?

It's a clich question, but is the world a better place because you're in it?

OK, maybe not the whole world, but what about the Tri-Cities? Or even your neighborhood or family?

How does Jimmy make his world better? With his positive attitude, his volunteerism and his outgoing nature.

Each person has his own talents. (Thankfully) not all of us are at ease whipping off our shirt at a sporting event or screaming so loudly that everyone in the arena can hear it.

Also, not everyone is cut out to spend time as a crossing guard or an on-ice hockey helper.

Certainly, though, there is something all of us can do to brighten the lives of those around us.

A story like the one about Jimmy could be written about a good many of our community members -- good people already doing good things.

For the rest of us, what was that last word Foster used to describe Jimmy? Oh yes, inspiring.