A student's perspective

By the Herald editorial staff

The benefits of including a student representative on your school board ought to be obvious.

After all, keeping in touch with the customer base is key to any board's success.

Kennewick recently became the latest Mid-Columbia school district to join the trend, its board voting last week to appoint a student to serve as a liaison, and Prosser recently added two student representatives.

Student advisers have been a welcome addition in Pasco over the past six years. No doubt the district's two student representatives are part of the reason the Washington State School Directors Association named Pasco the best school board in the state this year.

It's time for all area school boards to consider the idea.

Adults get plenty of practice telling kids what to do. Sometimes it's helpful for adults to listen to kids.

Even if nothing else changes, at least both sides have a chance to be heard.

In our experience, adults can learn a lot from kids.