Plans for Columbia Park have caught our attention

"Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out." -- Italian proverb

So what's worse -- lots of talk and no action or lots or action and no talk? Both have their downsides.

When it comes to decisions about water parks, carousels and Columbia Park, striking a balance between planning and performance has proved to be a difficult task.

That being said, it appears Kennewick and Richland are taking a smart approach toward planning for the west end of Columbia Park.

We like the idea of talking things out and getting public input -- factors missing from a couple of previous false starts in the same location.

We also like the idea of moving forward. Many a promising proposal has been thrashed to death on the floor of a committee meeting (or two or three).

Are we prepared to take a stand on building the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center on the site? No.

Are we ready to cut the ribbon for an aquatic center? Not yet.

What about breaking ground for the carousel? We have to take a pass on that one as well.

But we're past ready to see some progress on these long-delayed projects.

It appears the combined councils of Richland and Kennewick have taken appropriate action for soliciting and considering public input.

The next step is to translate that input into some action.

That, of course, is the trickiest part of the equation.

It's a big step to take an idea from the drawing board to the finished product, especially when funding must still be decided.

People are more than willing to give their opinions, but often less than willing to open their wallets.

As the cities well know, any project in the park will come with loads of hoops to jump through. The closer you get to the water's edge, the more of them you encounter.

Navigating between the Corps of Engineers, the tribes, the state and the cities will be a treacherous path, but not necessarily impassable.

One thing is certain. It will require plenty of cooperation and a good game plan. So even if we aren't ready to endorse the Columbia Park project right now, we are pleased with the process.

We hope the momentum keeps growing beyond planning, bringing improvements to the west end of Columbia Park that are in line with the community's needs.

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Well done is better than well said."