Herald and hockey among many ways to help Haiti

When a calamity strikes -- as it has in Haiti -- there's always a feeling of helplessness. We hear the reports and see the photos, but we're so far away.

There are ways to help. Most of them involve opening your wallet.

Because charlatans are out there, it's worth noting that not all relief efforts are legitimate. Know what group you are donating to and check it out before you sign that check.

If you type "Haiti donation sites" into Google, you'll get13 million responses in less than two seconds. Some are genuine. A lot are fraudulent.

There are, however, many reputable ways to help. And every bit helps.

The Red Cross is one organization that has proved itself over the years. That's why the Tri-City Herald and the Tri-City Americans are partnering with the Red Cross for "Herald and Hockey for Haiti" night.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Herald will run special ads. Brings the ad to the ticket window at Toyota Center and 25 percent of your ticket price for Tuesday night's game will be donated to the relief effort.

Additionally -- and this could raise some real money -- representatives of the Red Cross will be on hand at the game to accept donations.

The extra money generated from walk-up sales is welcome, but even more cash could come from the dedicated season ticketholders and others visiting the Red Cross on hockey night.

So bring your checkbook.