River's Edge wins again

By the Herald editorial staff

Dedicated students and teachers at River's Edge in Richland keep pushing the envelope of expectations for the alternative high school.

Particularly when it comes to the Constitution of the United States.

A year or two ago, River's Edge made headlines when it became the first alternative school in the nation to win the regional "We the People" competition.

This year, its second-place finish in the state became another first for the school's team and its teachers.

No alternative school anywhere has ever risen so high.

It's obvious these students and their teachers really work on this competition. You can see them in action on TVW's website. Set your browser to tiny.cc/rehs.

Sponsored by the U.S. government, the program has special textbooks and workbooks to expand knowledge about our Constitution.

Called "We the People" for obvious reasons, the curriculum is heady and deep.

Students appear in teams before a variety of local volunteer panelists, including judges, lawyers, college educators and other knowledgeable citizens for a hard workout on the Constitution.

The contest involves more than memory work. The key to success is the ability to respond to randomly selected questions from the panel and then think and argue the way through them to the other side.

The competitors neither ask for nor receive any special consideration because of their youth.

The judges seem to us to bear down as hard on them as they would on the opposing counsels in real court cases.

River's Edge has become the team to beat in the "We the People" competition. It was not always so.

The team brings great honor to the Tri-Cities and will serve, we hope, as a beacon to local schools that have not taken on this excellent program.