Magic day off? Not likely

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy suggests maybe the NBA players and coaches should take Christmas off.

Judging by some of the internet responses, you'd think he stuck up a convenience store.

Van Gundy told The Associated Press that the NBA "has been good to all of us in terms of what we get out of all these TV contracts and everything, so it would be a little disingenuous to complain too much. But if I had my way, we'd take a five-day break at Christmas. I mean it."

So this seems to be mostly a guy who likes to spend time with his family grousing just a bit about the demands of his schedule. The Magic played Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's Day this season.

Few are rising to his defense.

Fans of the holiday games say the players are getting big paydays and it's not too much to expect them to give a little extra on holidays.

These fans' partners might take another view of the desirability of having everybody get a chance to spend some time with "just family."

Good luck with getting the remote out of an avid fan's hands, however.