Filling in the right blanks

We passed along a glaring error in last week's editorial cautioning readers to bewary when making donations.

It's particularly important, we warned, to look carefully at the performance of professional fundraisers. Some do a good job but others keep most of the donations.

As it turns out, the professional fundraiser we mentioned as reporting the lowest return for Tri-City charities -- less than 10 percent of the money raised -- goofed while completing the reporting form required by the state.

Two key figures -- how much was retained for overhead and profit vs. how much went to the actual charities -- were transposed in the report.

Instead of having the worst record, as originally announced by the Secretary of State's office, Hullabaloo Event Planning of Richland has the best return -- 91 percent of the money raised going to the designated charities.

Secretary of State Sam Reed's office confirmed that a mistake was made in the paperwork.