Kids Day is habit-forming

By the Herald editorial staff

The annual appearance of volunteers in red T-shirts hawking newspapers on Tri-City street corners is starting to become a familiar sight.

That's a good thing.

Last week, Kids Day hawkers took to 35 street corners around the Tri-Cities to peddle a special edition of the Tri-City Herald.

Profits from the one-day event help Catholic Family & Child Service provide aide to Tri-City families.

The agency touches the lives of thousands in our community, from helping assure a healthy pregnancy to keeping senior citizens healthy.

It was the sixth year for Kids Day, and familiarity bred generosity.

Sales of the special paper raised more than $22,500 for the charity.

In the current economy, parting with a buck can be tougher, but Tri-Citians by the thousands stopped to buy an extra paper or two.

Maybe it's starting to become a habit.

One driver traded a $100 bill for a single copy of the Kids Day paper, plenty handed over $10 or $20. Everyone who stopped brightened someone's day.

If you bought a Kids Day paper, you're helping fill a growing need for services.

In 2007, Catholic Family & Child Service assisted 11,500 people in Benton and Franklin counties. In 2008, it helped more than 19,000.

If you volunteered to hawk papers, you helped raise not only money, but also the public's awareness about the community's needs.

No doubt, everyone who participated helped set the stage for an even better Kids Day next year.