McDonald's vs. McCurry's: Tasty victory for little guy

Let's just say, we're loving it.

Last week, McDonald's Corp. lost a trademark infringement lawsuit against McCurry's, a family-run restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The judge ruled that the American fast-food mega-chain doesn't own the "Mc" prefix, at least not in Malaysia.

Looks like the court determined McCurry's deserved a break that day.

With all the money McDonald's spends on marketing, attempts to protect the brand are understandable.

But going after the little guy is rarely a great public relations move for corporate giants. After all, rooting for the underdog is as American as a hamburger and fries.

And it's apparently as Malaysian as curried rice. After all the publicity brought on by the lawsuit, McCurry's is ready to open a string of franchises.

If there was some danger of people confusing McCurry's with McDonald's, the massive restaurant chain might have a case.

But with billions of burgers sold, McDonald's surely is a recognizable brand the world over, even when another restaurant uses some of the same letters in its name.

It's not like anyone will confuse a Big Mac for any of the traditional Malaysian dishes on McCurry's menu.

One of the little upstart's popular dishes is the fish-head curry. You won't find that on the dollar value menu.

The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's has 32,000 restaurants worldwide and annual sales of $70.6 billion.

We couldn't help but grin a bit when heard about the Malaysian judge handing this multi-billion dollar McBully its comeuppance.

Good thing McDonald's loves to see us smile.