W. Richland chief excels in dog-dispute diplomacy

Recognition is due West Richland Police Chief Layne Erdman for taking on the difficult task of mediating what unfortunately turned into a public dogfight over a wandering Lhasa Apso.

In a case that would have tested the wisdom of Solomon, Erdman was able to mediate between two women who really just wanted what each thought was best for "their baby."

It's understandable that any pet owner would be irked at the idea that she has to prove her fitness to care for her animal.

At the same time, people who rescue animals feel a special burden to ensure the animal is properly cared for. It's a road with little middle ground.

Adding to each side's misery has been the public support/ displeasure for the two sides.

Both sides made concessions in a situation Erdman described as "volatile from the beginning." That's what a compromise is all about.

Also of notable mention in the resolution is the folks at Vista Veterinary Clinic in Kennewick who donated some dental work for the dog, preventing a potential deal-breaker in the process.

We're hoping Rags is happy to be back home. We're thinking his owner, Cheryl Ovall, is relieved to be reunited with him.

We're supposing Mikey's Chance director Valerie Landon will be glad to be out of the spotlight. We're hoping she learned a lesson in humility along the way.

Both women probably ended up with a lot more public scrutiny than anyone would want.

All that being said, it's amazing, really, that one little pup gets so much attention, when there are bigger problems to solve in our community.