Cooper Larson's field: Communication's the key

By the Herald editorial staff

Kennewick School District has a problem on its hands.

Neighbors are complaining about a plan to improve and expand one field of the Kennewick American Youth Baseball complex at Canyon View Elementary School.

But the plans under consideration honor little Cooper Larson, in whose memory the improved field would be named.

Cooper is the 4-year-old who died last year from a rare brain-stem cancer.

He loved baseball and the Kennewick American Youth Baseball program.

He even was buried in a special Kennewick American baseball uniform that had been given to him by the team he would have joined when he got older.

As a tribute to his memory, family and friends of Cooper are trying to raise money to improve the field where Cooper would have played this year.

About 120 residents signed a petition saying they are worried about how a possible upgrade or expansion of the field would affect the neighborhood.

Lights and games until 10 p.m. some nights, plus traffic, are worries.

But Cooper's Field, tucked off in a corner of the complex, won't do all these things.

Tournaments and night baseball already take place there. The neighbors seem to be complaining about existing conditions, not what Cooper's field would bring.

The group promoting grading, improvements and expansion of the existing field say that lights will not be in their final plans for the field.

Proposed lights do, however, show up in a rough plan for the field on their website (enter "Cooper Larson" in your browser search).

Because the field improvements would require the baseball league to get an expansion of their lease on Canyon View Elementary's property, the Kennewick School Board must make the decision whether the field can go ahead.

We hope it can.

But we encourage the neighbors, Cooper's family and supporters to try to work this out in advance.

Please continue talking to each other. We doubt there are any bad guys in this matter.

Continuation of open communication seems by all means the best way to go.