Our Voice: Vote to re-elect Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Among the races this fall is an interesting battle for the position of Washington State Attorney General between an incumbent Democrat and a Libertarian lawyer in private practice.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Joshua Trumbull of Snohomish County are vying to lead what is essentially the largest law firm in our state. The attorney general’s office employs 435 attorneys and 650 professional staff. The office is the legal counsel for the governor, the Legislature, state officials and hundreds of state agencies, boards, commissions, colleges and universities.

Ferguson was elected to the office in 2013, leaving a more lucrative career in private practice for the job in the public sector as the state’s top attorney. Ferguson has been solid in that role and taken on some big challenges against the telecommunications giants and grocery industries to protect our state’s citizens.

One of the most notable actions is the recent lawsuit brought against Comcast for deceiving customers and violating the Consumer Protection Act. That could result in restitution of $100 million to the 1 million people served by the telecommunications company in our state.

Ferguson boasts that more than half of the bills he has proposed have made it into law, and is proud of what he calls a thoughtful legislative agenda. And while he supports the Second Amendment, Ferguson says the U.S. Supreme Court has made it clear that there are limits to our rights. He plans to propose legislation to forbid the sale of assault weapons and limit allowable capacities on magazines in 2017.

On other issues here at home, Ferguson is outraged by what he calls a “culture of indifference to safety at Hanford” and plans to do what he can to change that. And now that the AG’s office has said it will not file any charges in the shooting by police of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, Ferguson says it’s time to revisit the standard when it comes to actions of malice by police.

Trumbull is most passionate about the wrongs he says are carried out against the state’s citizenry by banks. He would put most of the office’s resources toward combating predatory practices against homeowners by lenders and other practices he deems unfair by banks.

Trumbull believes strongly in the Second Amendment and believes we need more freedoms, not diluted ones.

He decided to run for the office after being served a notice that his law firm was under investigation by the AG’s office. Trumbull also takes to task Ferguson’s office for its handling of the Oso landslide cases. Victims’ attorneys say the office destroyed evidence in the form of emails from expert witnesses they say could show the state knew the potential for landslides in the area well before it happened. A King County Superior Court judge has ordered the emails be submitted to him for review in the case.

Ferguson has done some good work in his first term, though there have been missteps by the office. We believe his experience and his determination to do what’s right for the citizens of our state make him the best candidate.

The Tri-City Herald recommends Bob Ferguson for Washington attorney general.