Special Reports

FBI may join hunt for slaying suspects

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may join the hunt for the two men suspected of shooting to death five men in a Pasco body shop Oct. 13.

Franklin County Prosecutor Dennis DeFelice said Tuesday that he has asked U.S. Attorney's office in Spokane to issue a warrant charging Vicente Ruiz and Pedro Mendez with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

"From my telephone conversation with Jim Crum, assistant U.S. attorney, it appears likely they will see to the issuance of the warrant in the very near future," DeFelice said.

Crum was not available for comment Tuesday.

An FBI spokesman in Seattle said that, in order for the Bureau to be called into the case, there must be hard evidence or a reasonable belief that the suspects have crossed state lines to avoid prosecution. The FBI would assist in capture, but extradition to Washington would be the state's responsibility.

DeFelice said the police the two may have fled south. Both are Mexican citizens.

Sgt. Terry Trulson, of the Pasco Police Department, said detectives haven't been able to trace the two.