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Police 'plod along' in massacre probe

Pasco police are still "just plodding along" in their search for the pair suspected in last week's body shop massacre, Chief Don Francis said Friday.

Vicente Mendez Ruiz, 19, and Pedro Mendez, age unknown, are being sought in connection with the Oct. 13 attack in the Medina Body Shop last week. Five men were killed and one man was hospitalized.

Francis wasn't making any predictions Friday about whether the two suspects would be found.

Investigators so far have been unable to determine if the two fled town via the airport. Police last week interviewed ticket sales agents and examined ticket sales reports.

Detective Scott Moore said Thursday a flight crew that had taken off from the Pasco airport the night of the murder was interviewed this week. None remembered seeing the men, he said.

Moore said no car belonging to the men was found at the airport.

Francis said the investigation still has plenty of leads to follow. "We've got a lot of 'em," he said. "We get a lot of people calling with tips every day."

But he said so far none has pointed police in the right direction.